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ThermiVa Vaginal Rejuvination Performed at Sierra Nevada Wellness Center

Low-Risk ThermiVa Sessions

Don’t lose valuable sleep by getting up to use the bathroom three times a night, or to avoid going out because you are scared of accidents. Get the life you deserve with low-risk ThermiVa sessions conducted by the expert medical professionals at Sierra Nevada Wellness Center. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment today! (775) 352-7200

Comfortable ThermiVa Sessions

ThermiVa uses radio frequency heat to improve the collagen structure in the vaginal region. As a result, the vagina tightens leading to improved bladder control, labia appearance or more sexual sensitivity.

Our seasoned medical professionals (three of whom are female) will help you feel comfortable in this extremely low-risk procedure, with no recovery time whatsoever, and essentially no pain. Schedule a medical consultation with Dr. Johnson, Autumn, or Emily. 

Mention Bella Grey Medical Spa for special pricing! Emily does perform the ThermiVa procedures at the SNWC location!

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