A safe and effective way to temporarily remove unwanted hair.

Sugaring is a convenient way to remove hair in the sensitive areas of your face more gently.

Underarms and arms

Since sugar does not adhere to live skin cells, it can be repeatedly reapplied to hard to reach areas.

Bikini area

Delicately removes hair to leave the bikini area free of irritation and ingrown hairs.


Sugar paste is applied at body temperature and will not burn or irritate the skin.

What is sugaring?

Sugaring is a more natural form of hair removal that uses a combination of sugar, lemon juice, and water to create a paste that is used directly on the desired area. Sugaring is often considered less painful than waxing because it does not adhere to the skin, only the hair itself.

How does sugaring work?

Our medical estheticians apply sugar paste directly to the treated area in the opposite direction of hair growth, let it sit for a few seconds to adhere to the hair, and then pull it off in the direction of hair growth.

What to expect from sugaring?

After your first sugaring appointment, hair growth will not return for about 2-3 weeks. As you continue to sugar regularly, the hair removal will last 5-6 weeks. Sugaring leaves the affected area smooth and luscious with little to no irritation or ingrown hairs. Hair regrowth varies by patient.

Emily is an extremely knowledgeable and highly trained technician who performs her magic. Thank you Emily for the personal care and attention you give me from the moment I walk in until I leave.

Mary L.

I had a treatment done yesterday and had a very comfortable experience thanks to Emily. Her natural personality makes you feel comfortable and during the procedure she answers any questions in a natural way, woman to woman. I highly recommend Emily Bates for their medical procedures. Thanks Emily!



Typically, you want the hair to be a quarter of an inch in length

It’s considered less painful and less chance of ingrown hair and irritation.

No shaving or waxing before the appointment. Exfoliation is recommended before the appointment, but not necessary. A gentle moisturizer can be applied after the appointment.

Yes, most clients with sensitive skin prefer sugaring.

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