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Discoloration of the skin is an inevitable reality which can be brought on by age, sun exposure, or environmental factors. Lasers provide an easy way to refresh skin and eliminate a range of imperfections. Treatments are quick and have minimal downtime, making them great alternatives to peels, microdermabrasion, and invasive surgery.

Pigmentation issues come in many shapes and sizes. Age spots, brown spots, birthmarks, and darker pigmented lesions are just a few of the most common challenges. To give physicians a pigmentation removal machine that truly delivers, Cartessa leverages highly-versatile pigmentation removal technologies. These technologies are safe across skin types, conditions, and tones, and can evenly and comfortably treat any shape discoloration.

Emily is an extremely knowledgeable and highly trained technician who performs her magic. Thank you Emily for the personal care and attention you give me from the moment I walk in until I leave.

Mary L.

I had a treatment done yesterday and had a very comfortable experience thanks to Emily. Her natural personality makes you feel comfortable and during the procedure she answers any questions in a natural way, woman to woman. I highly recommend Emily Bates for their medical procedures. Thanks Emily!


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