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What is botox?

Are you tired of unwanted wrinkles and frown lines? We want to help you slow the aging process and release your inner beauty.

How does Botox work?

With the experience of Emily Bates and her staff of experienced injectors, your Botox injections will have you looking youthful and reinvigorated. The experienced hands of Emily create beautiful and lasting results. This is not just a treatment for women, Botox for men or Brotox is another one of Emily’s specialities and will make sure you feel comfortable at Bella Grey.

What to expect from Botox?

The applications for Botox are varied with indications for both medical and cosmetic use. The Botox treatment performed at Bella Grey only takes about 15 minutes with some patients seeing results within a few days or up to two weeks. We reduce wrinkles, perfect your image, and boost your aesthetic confidence.

Botox areas

Eyes – To combat crow’s feet or excessive wrinkles in the outer corner of your eyes.

Lips and mouth Enhance the appearance of your lips, effectively treat a gummy smile, combat and prevent smoker’s lines.

Neck – Significantly improve the appearance of platysmal bands to relax and reduce severity of the platysma muscle.

Forehead – Lessen the effects of glabellar and frontalis lines that develop between the eyebrows as a result of frowning, scowling, or mere focus.

Jaw – For facial slimming and relieving TMJ tension.

Axillas for hyperhidrosisThe inconvenience of excessive sweating can cause discomfort, but can be significantly improved with Botox solutions.

Shelby Designation

Emily is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. I have had nothing but the best experiences at Bella Grey. The front office staff is always friendly. Emily is always on time. She listens to your concerns and gives honest feedback. I have been to other places in town in the past and nothing is comparable.

Isabel Designation

Bella Grey is the absolute best. I went there for my first filler and they provided such a comfortable and welcoming environment, they do anything they can to make your experience/service there as easy and enjoyable as possible. Not to mention Emily gives you the results you desire and they are so beautiful & natural! + shes a Reno local 🙂

Amy Designation

Absolutely amazing! Bella Gray Spa was my first skin treatment experience for Botox and injections, very knowledgeable, and very respectful. I will definitely be returning for future treatments and would not consider going anywhere else. Very relaxing atmosphere, and a cute little store within the spa :-). Love all the beautiful ladies that work there!

Alexis Designation

Emily has created such a beautiful space and luxurious atmosphere. I have been injected by both Emily and Danielle and they are the absolute best. They explained every step of the procedure and made sure my desired results were the top priority. Ally is a top-tier medical esthetician with extensive knowledge in the field and made me feel so comfortable. I would not trust any other medspa with my aesthetic needs.

Sarah Designation

If you are in need of a little self-care, Bella Grey is your place. Emily is kind, honest, gentle, and receptive to your needs. Trust me when I say she will exceed your expectations and is VERY good at what she does! I love being pampered by her and spending time in her upscale spa. I can truly say she makes me feel comfortable and fabulous about myself. No matter the service you choose, you will not be disappointed. The boutique at Bella Grey is exceptional too!

Kaylie Designation

Emily is very kind and professional. She makes her clients feel at ease and she goes the extra mile to meet their needs. Her client’s results speak for themselves! I have personally seen her work restore confidence in people who never thought they could feel and look as good as they do now! Keep up the great work Bella Grey!!

Skye Designation

This is my second time coming in and it will not be my last! I got a facial with Ally and I think I might have found my forever aesthetician! She did a treatment that catered to my skin needs and was just all-around awesome! A super welcoming group of ladies which counts for so much! I will be back!

Jamie Designation

Emily is such a pleasure. She not only educated me and explained the process, but she also made me feel comfortable and at ease during my visit. Showing true professionalism, Emily also understands the importance of being on time and sticking to the schedule she promised. She is skilled and accomplished and I truly look forward to my time with her.


No. Depending on your goals, Botox can be administered to give a very natural look.

The shape of the face differs in men and women. Emily and her staff, knows how to keep the woman’s face feminine as well as keeping a man’s face masculine.

Prevention can be started as soon as your early 20’s.

Results can take anywhere from 5-14 days and typically last 3-4 months.

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